In the main, Normal Rules of Golf apply.


Preferred lies FAIRWAYS ONLY Plugged balls through the green (except in hazards) may be lifted, cleaned and dropped without penalty. Flooded bunkers, a player, unable to take relief within a flooded bunker may place the ball outside, keeping the bunker between ball and green, without penalty.


FIRST approach putt with the flag IN. No penalty if any contact with the flag. This saves time and also reduces damage to the greens and around the hole caused by numerous players tending the flag>


Standards of dress & behaviour must be maintained at a high level to ensure that we reach the standards expected at all golf clubs. It is essential that there are no excuses of dress and/or appearance and members must observe the guidelines set out by the committee otherwise membership will be cancelled.

SMART/CASUAL MINIMUM requirement Golf clubs may vary in there dress requirements & re shorts/socks/stockings. Therefore to cover all venues Alliance standards anre knee length stockings when wearing tailored shorts, as this will overcome any ettiquette requirements. IF IN DOUBT ASK!

Competitions will in general be STABLEFORD 3/4 allowance. Alteration to the format of any competition will be at the discretion of the committee and be annouced prior to the commencement of play

Handicaps may be adjusted throughtout the alliance season if the Committee considers that exceptional results warrant this procedure. For Lady golfers, the alliance accepts the PGA recommendations of a '10% forward' if possible, otherwise the normal ladies tees will be used. See secretary for other guidelines Winners of all individual trophies must be fully paid up Alliance members although in foursome competitions just one of the partnership needs to be a member All competitiors MUST do their utmost to avoid SLOW PLAY

The maximum handicap permitted in competition is 15. Players with higher handicaps will restricted to 15 automatically. Prize winners MUST exhibit a current CLUB handicap certificate.

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